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Hey Folks!

In five days I will be taking a plane to Israel to begin my gap year called Habonim Dror Workshop. I am beyond excited to continue the tradition in my family of attending this program. I am sad to leave my parents but I am very eager to start this new page in my life. 



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As promised, here is some information about my upcoming trip to the Holy Land. I will be participating in a program called Career Israel. I’m flying out on Sunday (AHHHHH) and will be traveling to Jerusalem for orientation. After which, I will be moving into their dorm in Tel Aviv.

I will be…

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Leaving Arizona in 28 hours!!!

I have been waiting for this moment for 8 months and I can’t believe it’s actually happening.

I think I might cry when my plane lands in Tel Aviv… I am so elated just thinking about leaving, so I can’t imagine my emotions when I actually get there.

I made a travel blog at emilyweiner.tumblr.com if anyone wants to follow my adventures (even though I’ll post them here, too)!!!

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The Beginning f



Over 4 years ago, I was blessed with a birthright trip to Israel. Not only did I meet some incredible people, I also fell in love with the country itself. This blog is named after the motto our Amazing Israel Group came up with – ISrael IS real. Now 4+ years later I am about to take off on one…

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7 Days until this Adventure! f


As I sit and fold my clothing, I can’t help but think about all the possibilities that wait for me in Israel. I am no longer worried about how I can fit 10 months worth of belongings into a suitcase and crossing my fingers that it weights less than 50 lbs. Instead, I visualize the amount of fun and adventure I am going to be partaking in just 7 short days…


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Job: Midwest Campus Coordinator, Zionist Organization of America

The Zionist Organization of America’s growing Campus Activism Network organizes college students to combat Arab propaganda on campuses from coast to coast. The ZOA regularly brings student activists to Israel for leadership training programs; we are preparing the Jewish activist leadership of the future.

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20 days till Israel!

Here it is…the “blog” to start it all. I don’t know if “blogging” is still a term used today, hence the quotation marks, but it seems like a good idea to write about my time and experiences in where will be my home for the next year: Netanya, Israel.

Some Background:

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Job: New Media & Graphic Designer, Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Our new web site is set to launch and our social engagement is on the rise. Now, we are seeking a talented and skilled digital designer to take us to the next level. The role of new media and graphic designer focuses on producing exceptional quality digital design, participating in our social media efforts, and continually improving our organization’s online presence through knowledge and practice of current technology and design trends. The ideal candidate is a highly creative, technically skilled person, whose passion for making the world a better place is expressed through their art. The position will report to the art director and work closely with our copywriter and digital marketing strategist.

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Job: Director of Lay Leadership Development & Engagement, Jewish Federation of Cleveland

The Director of Lay Leadership Development & Engagement will primarily carry out the duties of engagement, placement, and development of new and existing lay leaders. This critical role works to continually identify and implement best practices and innovations in engagement and leadership development to support our high results, high performing environment. The ideal candidate possesses superior communication skills and is an experienced relationship-builder. Keys to success in this role include an initiative-taking attitude, great listening skills, and the ability to operate both independently and collaboratively as part of a team. A passion for the Jewish Community is a must, along with a strong commitment to the Federation’s mission, the ability to interpret this mission, and a deep understanding of Jewish culture and traditions. The position reports to the Vice President, Mandel Leadership Excellence Center.

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"It is incredibly inspiring to be a part of Masa’s efforts": Josh Neuman on the Masa Alumni Fellowship f


As a recent college graduate with no job or apartment, I set off on the adventure I neglected to take while in college. Having declined a study abroad opportunity as a student, I realized this was my chance to seek adventure before real life set in. So, I did what any 22 year old with no job…

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Job: Database Marketing Coordinator

Israel Experience is the fastest growing tourism company in Israel, bringing over 30,000 people to Israel each year from all over the world on Taglit-Birthright Israel, Masa Israel Journey programs, and more. If you like technology, can learn new tools quickly, love coming up with the right questions and then figuring out how to answer them, and want to work with a passionate team - then this job is for you.

Position is full time and based in Jerusalem. Start date is immediate. Send resumes and cover letters to sarahh@israelexperience.org.

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Exclusive Briefing for Masa Israel Alumni (Recording) f

Two weeks ago, Masa Israel and the Israel Action Network held a conference call for Masa Israel alumni, featuring Lt. Col. (res.) Avital Leibovich, AJC Jerusalem Director and Former IDF Spokesperson

avital leibovitch
You are invited to listen to the recording and hear what she had to say about Operation Protective Edge and Israel.

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Job: Measurement and Evaluation Analyst, Project Interchange f

Job: Director for Alumni Engagement, Project Interchange f

Do you want to join Israeli Shlichim and Masa Israel alumni for a great Circle Line Tour ride? Spots are limited - email denast@masaisrael.org if you are interested in joining the tour!

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