Job: New York Regional Director, WZO / Israel Experience Coordinator, Masa Israel Journey

The World Zionist Organization and Masa Israel Journey are teaming up to offer a full time position working with both organizations. Located in the same place, the WZO and Masa are looking for an enthusiastic applicant who can juggle two responsibilities for organizations both looking to further a love of Israel in the North American Jewish community. 

The WZO New York Regional Director will work with students on college campuses in the region between New York and Washington DC. 


- Building and maintaining relationships with Hillel professionals, Jewish Agency shlichim, and student leadership on college campuses between New York and DC

- Facilitating and distributing Zionist educational programming on college campuses

- Participating in the research and creation of new Zionist educational content for college students and New York local communities

- Creating new partnerships with Jewish organizations, participation in local Zionist events

- Supervising WZO campus Fellows on local college campuses

- Recruiting college students to participate in WZO conferences and events

The Masa Israel Experience Coordinator will help assist interested Masa participants to find the right program for them. 


• Promote opportunities in Israel to young adults across North America

• Respond to potential participants’ inquiries about Israel programs

• Ensure relevant information is updated in the CRM system

• Provide recruitment and follow up feedback to assist in organizational growth

Job qualifications: 

- Ability to develop, articulate and implement a strong vision to engage Zionist college students

- Personal experience participating in a program in Israel, and familiarly with Israel opportunities

- Exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to develop strong relationships with a wide variety of people, as well as well-developed telephone and presentation skills

- Good knowledge of the Jewish landscape on college campuses both in New York and nationally. 

- Good background in Zionist history and the Zionist movement, as well as current Israeli culture and news

- Effective time-management skills and the ability to juggle multiple projects.

- Hebrew is a plus, but not required

SUPERVISION: The WZO New York Regional Director reports directly to the central Shaliach of the World Zionist Organization, and is part of a staff of Regional Directors throughout the US and Canada. The Masa Israel Experience Coordinator reports directly to the Recruitment Director of Masa, and is part of a staff of young and passionate team.

COMPENSATION: The WZO pays a half time salary with full benefits. Masa compensates with an hourly wage, plus performance-based incentives. 

Please submit resume and cover letter to Zoe Jick at Specify whether you are applying for one part time job or for the combined full time job. Interviews for qualified candidates will be scheduled shortly afterwards.

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